Vibrations Valaisannes

In the trilogy VIBRATIONS VALAISANNES, the ensemble Vibration4 captures archaic themes of the Valaisan cultural heritage and brings them face to face with new music and new musical concepts. This results in an unbelievable sound experience with our cultural heritage.


For VIBRATION4, work does not merely start with the score and does not end once the piece has been rehearsed: The flutists look, with a lot of self-initiative, for the best possible representation form of contemporary music. Contemporary music is one of their main interests. They come up with unusual and appealing concert formats, they experiment with different performative styles and they work together with composers on how to stage music, performance and visuals. Creative and cooperative work is very important to them.

audiovisual live-performance

In the multimedia concert programme, a piece follows another without interruption. The time needed to rebuild the stage is bridged by a video or a performance. This way, one piece is smoothly joined by the preceding one. The concert programme reflects the stylistic diversity of the 21st century, and at the same time, opens up to visuals as well as recordings. By so doing, stories evolve that take the audience on a mesmerizing journey.

The trilogy VIBRATIONS VALAISANNES includes.

Requiem of the Glacier

Song of the Suone

Horn for horn


Requiem of the Glacier

A lament of the melting glacier for a flute quartet and melting glaciers.

The eternal ice is melting. In the mountains, it is cracking and gurgling. The glacier is thawing. A constant whistling and stamping, gurgling and rumbling – caused in the creek by ancient glaciers. Climate change has not spared them either: Gradually, the glaciers are disappearing, but they are not doing so quietly. With highly-sensitive microphones, the original sounds of the melting glaciers are recorded and used in the composition. The glacier has turned into the musician and is playing together with the flutists on stage. This results in a gurgling, soughing, cracking and moaning lament of the melting glacier, which is intensified by video projections.

New pieces by Dorothea Hofmann, Doina Rotaru, Andreas Zurbriggen.


Song of the Suone

Resounding memories for a flute quartet and the sounds of a Suone.

Because of the joy of experimenting, the ensemble Vibration4 focuses on old Valaisan traditions in order to fuse contemporary music and the diverse and complex sounds of the Suonen. The sound of the Suone is captured and musically interpreted. The sound of the water is merged with the rhythm of the water hammer at all tempi and in all timbres. Processions to protect the workers from their difficult job of building the Suonen are staged and reinforced with sacral music. Suone becomes sono like sonority.

New pieces by Xavier Dayer and Helena Winkelman.


Horn for horn

Resonance of an archaic spectacle for a flute quartet and the sound of Swiss cow fights.

It is said that in order to capture the spirit of a Swiss cow fight, one has to understand its sound atmosphere. The battle arena is its heart: The sound of cow bells, the background noises of the audience and recordings of authentic Valaisan folk music are featured during the performance. This leads to a tension between the old traditions and contemporary music.

Fragments of melodies or rhythms are improvised by the musicians in a new and modern kind of way. Therefore, mystical, vibrant, colourful sounds and rhythms are created. Video projections and the music transport the audience back into the cow battle arenas and make them part of the performance.

New pieces by Fabian Müller, Daniel Schnyder, Dorothea Hofmann, Tobias Salzgeber.