Flute quartet

Vibration4 is one of the most important and most interesting flute quartets in Switzerland. Apart from their classical repertoire, the flutists look, with a lot of self-initiative, for the best possible representation form of contemporary music.
Contemporary music is one of their main interests.

In the trilogy VIBRATIONS VALAISANNES, the ensemble captures archaic themes of the Valaisan cultural heritage and combines them with contemporary music. This way, VIBRATIONS VALAISANNES turns out to be an interesting mix for an audience who is open to something new.

Since the beginning, the ensemble Vibration4 has been invited to international festivals and the flutists have worked with composers such as Daniel Daniel Schnyder, Helena Winkelman, Fabian Müller, Xavier Dayer, Doina Rotaru, Dorothea Hoffmann and Andreas Zurbriggen.

The four musicians, whose instrumental spectrum ranges from all different kinds of flutes from the piccolo flute to the contrabass flute, are members of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, the Orchestre de Chambre de Gèneve, the Ensemble Symphonique Neuchâtel.

The ensemble also surprises its audience with unusual concert places. The four musicians have already played in the inside of an ancient glacier at an altitude of 3500metres, on the inside of the dam wall of the Grand Dixence, next to the Suonen in the Valais, in cow barns and in cow fight arenas.